PAIU – Simple Interactions at the Fred Rogers Center

Thank you for your interest in supporting Simple Interactions at the Fred Rogers Center! 


Fred Rogers reminds us that, “It is through relationships that learn best – and grow best.” At the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media at Saint Vincent College, we invest in the strength of families and caring adults to support the healthy development of children. We value the importance of human relationships in and around a child’s life, as they are the foundation for all learning and growing. Through our Simple Interactions initiative (, we support the building and sustaining of human relationships. 


Simple Interactions has been developed over time through field work in diverse settings such as Chinese orphanages, early care and education, K-12 formal education, informal learning, children’s hospitals, therapeutic residential care, and more. In all of these places, we witnessed the power of relationships for children, families, and their helpers. We saw how relationships are built from small moments, such as a crossing guard connecting with children on their way to school or a first grade teacher responding to a question during math class. We learned that real and lasting change can start with finding what ordinary people do extraordinarily well with children during these simple, everyday interactions. 


As a professional learning approach, the key premise of Simple Interactions is grounded in the belief that the most sustainable best practices can come from what adults already do well. Using a one-page reflection tool, we create opportunities for adults to see and talk about how they interact with children, youth, families, and each other.  We also communicate the science and practice of human interactions to advocate for positive system changes that support both adults and children. This approach is collaboratively developed, broadly applied, and includes a freely accessible set of tools and resources. 


We are so grateful for your support of our work with Simple Interactions to encourage, enrich, and empower human relationships among children, families, and their helpers. If you have any questions or want to connect, please reach out to us at