The Neighborhood Trolley, Daniel Striped Tiger, X the Owl, and many other beloved television characters and storied images make their home at the Fred Rogers Archive. The Archive preserves all the materials related to Fred Rogers personally and to the public person that became the iconic “Mister Rogers.”


The Fred Rogers Archive holds a wide range of resources, including many original, handwritten texts by Fred. These items include letters to personal friends and professional colleagues, ideas and outlines from his earliest children’s television program (The Children’s Corner with Josie Carey), scripts and production books from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, public service announcements for both children and adults, and speeches. The Archive also houses awards and citations, photographs, and viewer mail.


The vast array of more than 18,000 items in the Archive are essential to the work of the Fred Rogers Center, but they also are intended to be a source for other research into children’s television, early childhood development, and Fred Rogers’ unique role in bridging both fields. Undergraduate students, graduate students, researchers, and the local community may request access provisions to study Fred’s life and legacy.


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