Following our mission of helping children grow as confident, competent, and caring human beings, the Center has a number of programs, ongoing projects, and special events and opportunities. All of our work draws on the legacy and lessons learned from Fred Rogers. Click on the project titles below to learn more about each initiative!

From the neighborhood trolley to handwritten notes by Fred, the Fred Rogers Archive contains more than 18,000 items essential to the work we do.

Through Simple Interactions, we seek to help children’s helpers by emphasizing the deep value of the everyday interactions between children and the adults in their lives. Simple Interactions is a practice-based, approach to support helpers.

A key part of Fred’s vision for the Center was that it would be a place for college students to learn and grow as they prepare for careers in the service of children. Today, the Center offers several unique opportunities for students of the college.

The Fred Rogers Center is dedicated to helping children and adults thrive in our digital age, and to ensuring that technology use complements children’s social interactions, play, and other activities with the caring friends and family in their lives.

Fred Rogers had deep compassion for the wellbeing of every child. Inspired by his legacy and drawing from his work, we are developing resources to encourage and support children and caregivers.

All of the initiatives at the Center seek to carry forward the legacy of Fred Rogers in service of children and their helpers. There are also several special initiatives and events that allow us to highlight the memory and legacy of Fred.

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