Growing Partnerships

Simple Interactions can support professionals in almost any child-serving setting, from classrooms to out of school time, from hospitals to orphanages. We support our partners near and far! Here are some examples of our collaborations.

Peg + Cat Social Emotional Development and Mathematical Learning in Early Childhood

With our colleagues at The Fred Rogers Company, Dr. Mallary Swartz, University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Shannon Wanless, and the Pittsburgh Association for the Education of Young Children, we are using “simple interactions” to explore how to support early childhood educators integrate social emotional and mathematical learning in everyday moments. This three-year effort is funded by the National Science Foundation.


Check out the math-based animated PBS series Peg + Cat


Simple Interactions (Out-of-School Time)

Our colleagues at University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Tom Akiva and his team, are engaged in a 2-year experimental trial of the effectiveness of professional development based on “simple interactions” for staff in out-of-school-time programs. Together, we are also building the web resources for “simple interactions” as an approach.


Partnership in China to Promote “Simpler and Deeper” Early Education

Starting in 2014, we have formed partnership with the Soong Ching Ling Center for Child Development, a division of China Welfare Institute, to help promote a simpler and deeper way to understand and enhance the quality of early education in the high pressure, high stakes context of Chinese education.

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