Digital Media & Learning Resources

The Fred Rogers Center supports the fields of child development, early education, and children’s media through research and reporting efforts on critical issues. Our reports provide needed context to discussions about life in the digital age, and the role of technology in homes and classrooms. Here are some selected resources.


Checklist for Identifying Exemplary Uses (PDF)
The Pennsylvania Digital Media Literacy Project – 2014


NAEYC-FRC Position Statement (PDF)
A joint position statement issued by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media at Saint Vincent College – 2012


Key Messages from the NAEYC-Fred Rogers Center Position Statement (PDF)

A summary of key recommendations from the NAEYC-Fred Rogers Center joint position statement released in March 2012.


Technology in the Lives of Educators and Early Childhood Programs (PDF)
Ellen Wartella, Ph.D., Courtney K. Blackwell, Ed.M., Alexis R. Lauricella, Ph.D., and Michael B. Robb, Ph.D. – 2013


Technology in the Lives of Educators and Early Childhood Programs: Trends in Access, Use, and Professional Development from 2012 to 2014 (PDF)
Courtney K. Blackwell, Ph.D., Ellen Wartella, Ph.D., Alexis R. Lauricella, Ph.D., and Michael B. Robb, Ph.D. – 2015


Carrying Fred Rogers’ Legacy Forward in the Digital Age. Paciga, K.A., Donohue, C.D., Struble Myers, K., Fernandes, R., & Li, J. (2017). Fred Forward Symposium Proceedings, May 14, 2017. Latrobe, PA: Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media at Saint Vincent College.


Blog: How Am I Doing? Exemplary Uses of Technology in Early Learning


Blog: For Infants and Toddlers in the Digital Age, Time with Adults Still Matters Most


Blog: Helping Young Children Develop a Healthy Media Diet



The Fred Rogers Center creates videos that highlight the intersections of child development and media, and the power of human interactions.


Selected Resources

Using Digital Frames to Support Home-School Connections


Creating a Talk Show to Meet Community Members


A Good Fit


Using Technology Tools



Using Technology Tools (PDF)


Talking With Babies



Talking With Babies


Reflecting on the Position Statement 5 Years Later

Five Years After the Position Statement


Technology: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same


The Myth of Screen Time


Screen Worried or Screen Wise


To access all of the Fred Rogers Center’s videos, please see us on Vimeo or visit us on our YouTube channel.



The Fred Rogers Center has created mobile apps that recognize the importance of early literacy and healthy social and emotional development for young children, as well as the importance of positive engagement, conversation, and social interaction between parents, teachers, caregivers, and children. Here is the latest offering from the Fred Rogers Early Career Fellows program.



Chroma Kids app iconChromaKids invites young children to become storytellers! Discover an interactive artistic experience for children ages three and older.


ChromaKids ignites fun and excitement in a creative and collaborative exchange of stories. Storytellers are invited to develop a story by creating a picture using drawing tools and stickers. They can record themselves telling a story that goes with the illustration.



The illustration and recording can be shared with buddies. Buddies who receive drawings and recordings can add to the drawing and record their own part of the story. The buddy can then send it back to the original creator.

Developed by Fred Rogers Center Early Career Fellow Brian Puerling.

Download ChromaKids through iTunes.