Digital Mentoring & Learning

Access to technology continues to be an issue for many educators and families, and has often been identified as a major barrier to helping adults and children become effective learners in the digital age.


With rapidly changing technology and uncertainty about how to best use new tools in the classroom, the Fred Rogers Center is partnering with libraries to give educators the support they need around technology integration. Interested educators will be able to check-out special kits that include new technology (like tablets and digital cameras), books, resource guides, and other materials that can enhance their practice. The lending kits are developed in partnership with local libraries to meet specific community and educator needs, and may be reflective of differences in language and culture.


In addition, professional development is provided to the librarians so that they may serve as media mentors in their community. Current partners for this effort include the Allegheny Country Library Association and the Westmoreland County Library Network.