The Fred Rogers Scholars Program is a four-year, merit-based scholarship program designed to educate and inspire those students who are interested in pursuing careers that help children become confident, competent, and caring human beings. Incoming first-year students of all majors are invited to apply. Fred Rogers Scholars receive a scholarship of $2,500 per year and a wealth of opportunities to learn about and apply Fred’s legacy. Throughout the program, students are encouraged to connect their particular area of interest with the work of Fred Rogers in efforts to develop specialized knowledge in how Fred’s legacy integrates with their areas of study and extend Fred’s practice and principles in a variety of professions.


Applicants to the Fred Rogers Scholars Program will be high school seniors applying to and/or admitted to Saint Vincent College, with a minimum 3.50 GPA, various career and graduate school goals, a strong interest in helping children, and an interest in the work of Fred Rogers. Participation from students across all majors is strongly encouraged.



The Program
In Year One of the program, students will be inducted into the Fred Rogers Scholars and receive an introduction to Fred Rogers and the Archive. During the fall and spring semesters, the students will meet regularly to discuss readings and activities, visit the Archive and engage with the FRS team of advisers. Students will work with the team of advisers to prepare research on a topic of their choice, related to the work of Fred Rogers.


Year Two of the program will be dedicated to the completion of the individual research in preparation of a group service-learning project related to the work of Fred Rogers. During the fall semester, students will meet regularly and begin to plan their individual research as a component to the planning of the group service project. During the spring semester, students will begin to plan the service project, including how it relates to Fred Rogers, as well as all necessary contacts to complete project.


In Year Three of the program, students will complete their group service project and work with the FRS team of advisers to define the personal culminating project they will pursue. The projects must be related to the work of Fred Rogers and should be related to the student’s major and expected career plans. Students will identify an advisory team member to work with, and will jointly define the project goals and methods.


In Year Four of the program, students will work with their identified FRS advisory team mentor to conduct a culminating project. The project will result in a deliverable defined by the student and mentor and will include a brief presentation at the end of the spring semester.



Current Fred Rogers Scholars
The class of 2019 cohort has developed an anti-bullying program targeted to K-3 students. It is grounded in Fred’s understanding of what it means to be a neighbor and part of a neighborhood. The students have explored archive topics such as neighbors, loving one another, and friendship.


The class of 2020 cohort is creating a self-confidence and self-awareness program. They have completed independent and group research on Fred’s work regarding communication, peer relationships, self-awareness, confidence, friendship, and understanding of self.


The class of 2021 is beginning their independent research within the Fred Rogers Archive to formulate their group service projects. They have varied interests in children’s health and communication communicating with parents.


The class of 2022 was inducted in November 2018. The students are starting to learn more about Fred Rogers as part of the foundational work of the program.


Complete the Fred Rogers Scholars Application Form to apply to the program no later than Jan. 15. Read more about the Fred Rogers Scholars Program on the Saint Vincent College Website.