Named after Fred’s favorite number (which for him symbolized the number of letters in “I love you”), Incubator 143 is an undergraduate research and development group focused on creating positive change for children’s development.


By integrating developmental and behavioral science, communication and design, and social change theory, Incubator 143 supports the important work of childcare centers, urban schools, non-profit community programs, and even orphanages overseas. Students come from a diverse range of academic disciplines, including psychology, education, communication, music, film, design, history, and theology, to engage in research and service work both in the lab and in communities.


Students in Incubator 143 routinely engage in projects that serve children and families. These projects have included conducting a marketing survey for the community food bank on childhood hunger, visits to elementary classrooms to introduce children to musical instruments, developing posters about Fred Rogers’ messages in the digital age, and most recently, creating a brochure in conjunction with local healthcare agency, Excela Health, to help families experiencing grief.


Participation in Incubator 143 is open to all students of Saint Vincent College. To learn more about participating in Incubator 143, please contact Dr. Dana Winters at