The Willingness to Fail

I am anxious and frustrated.  My palm is sweating, my face red with indignation.  Next to me sits my bemused family pal, less than half my age, watching me stumble on the way to inevitable demise.  We are playing his game, and he is killing me. This is the basic problem with our popular belief that game-playing is the chief culprit...

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Seeking Better Apps for Young Children

A vast majority of apps for young children are developed with the best intention, but few really support children’s development in a purposeful way (ABC apps being a great example). Digital technology shouldn’t just mimic what and how children already learn—it needs to expand and improve on it. Children’s media landscape has evolved significantly in recent years, with mobile devices becoming...

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What I Learned from Fred Rogers

To reach children through media, we have to start with understanding children. On Rogers’ 85th birthday, a close colleague who worked alongside Rogers for many years shares why parents and media makers still have a lot to learn from this TV pioneer. It’s hard for me to believe, but it was 46 years ago when I began working with Fred Rogers...

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Happy Birthday, Mister Rogers

Fred Rogers would be 85 today. For children everywhere, there were few other voices so reassuring, so warm, and so engaging. Fred Rogers' approach to children sprang from empathy and experience—he had a difficult start, but a warm and loving family allowed him to grow into a confident teen and compassionate adult. Born in spring of 1928, about a year before...

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A Q&A with Chip Donohue and Roberta Schomburg

A year after the Rogers Center and the National Association for the Education of Young Children
(NAEYC) released Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children From Birth through Age 8, we talk with two experts about what excites them about using technology with preschoolers. Rogers Center senior fellow Chip Donohue is Dean of Distance Learning and Continuing...

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