There’s a lot to learn about Fred Rogers and the Center that bears his name. Here are a few things that may be helpful for you to know.


How can I watch episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood?

You’re in luck! Most episodes are available through Amazon Prime or you can check out this new website focused on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood that includes references and videos to many episodes.


What items are available in the Fred Rogers Archive?

The Archive contains more than 18,000 items related to Fred’s life and work. These include things like fan created artwork, fan mail, public service announcements, music, props, scripts from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Old Friends, New Friends, speeches, and so much more. The public face of the Archive, the Fred Roger Exhibit, showcases Fred’s sweaters and shoes, Daniel Tigers’ Clock, the Neighborhood Trolley, and the puppets, and walks visitors through Fred’s life beginning in Latrobe, PA to his vision for the Fred Rogers Center. Additional set pieces may be viewed at the Heinz History Center.


I want to do research. How do I contact the Archivist?

You can contact the Archivist on the main page of the Fred Rogers Archive. Please remember that the Fred Rogers Center is a steward of this wonderful resource. We cannot grant permissions for public or commercial use. Scholarly research, however, is encouraged. We ask that you share specific information about your research project by filling out the request form, making an appointment to connect with the Archivist, and completing and signing the researcher form, which explains the copyright information.


I want to learn more about Fred Rogers. Where do I start?

Fred was a multi-dimensional person, so there is much to discover. Our website strives to provide background information about the man behind the iconic sweater. If you have a strong affinity for Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood you may want to also visit The Neighborhood Archive and the Mister Rogers Neighborhood Online Exhibit.


What is the difference between Fred Rogers Productions and the Fred Rogers Center?

Fred Rogers Productions is Fred Rogers’ television production company, which still makes high quality children’s television programming. The Fred Rogers Center was founded to preserve and build upon Fred Rogers’ legacy as a trusted voice for children. We like to think of ourselves as focusing on the man behind the sweater.


How can I obtain a grant from the Fred Rogers Center?

Like most nonprofits, the Fred Rogers Center fundraises to support our programs. We are not a foundation, but an organization devoted to children and their caregivers who strives to provide thoughtful programming. From time to time, we do engage in collaborative proposal writing with like-minded organizations.


How would I go about partnering with the Fred Rogers Center?

There are many ways to programmatically partner with the Fred Rogers Center. Take a look at our initiatives to see if your interests might be a fit. We also offer professional development through programs like Simple Interactions and Digital Media and Learning, so we are always open to hearing about training and mentoring opportunities.

In keeping with Fred’s legacy of not marketing to children, we do not endorse products. Any questions about licensing should be directed to Fred Rogers Productions.


How can I visit the Fred Rogers Exhibit?

Come on over! The Fred Rogers Exhibit is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. It is free, open to the public, and self-guided.


I want to be the next Fred Rogers. Can you help me?

As Fred Rogers would say, “there is only one person just like you.” Being yourself is the beauty behind a program like Mister Rogers Neighborhood—Fred was authentically himself on screen. Since we aren’t in the business of making media, we can’t help to bring a program to life, but we do encourage you to learn about healthy child development and create media that supports social-emotional learning.

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