Helping Kids “Get” Science

There's an intriguing sign at our Pittsburgh airport: "Kids who get science get jobs." When you think about it, "getting" science starts way back in the early years. Children are natural scientists. They're curious. They're fascinated by things in the world around them. And you have many ways to support their interest in the sciences -- through the activities you offer,...

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Open-Ended Questions – “What Do You Think?”

I came back from this month's NAEYC Professional Development Institute with a renewed appreciation for open-ended questions, after hearing a number of speakers emphasizing them in all kinds of situations -- for story time, for STEM concepts, and for social-emotional development. There's a real concern that teaching has become "asking a question so you can get the right answer." But think about...

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Creativity: Why it’s so important

I just learned something fascinating about creativity. Creativity is a much better predictor of achievement in life than IQ! That's come out of the follow-up research of thousands of children who have taken the Torrence Creativity Test since 1958.  But research also shows us that since 1984, children's creativity scores have dramatically decreased. That's a major concern. But we in early...

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