“Be-Aware” of Halloween

When I was growing up, I loved dressing up in costumes for Halloween. But my Halloween memories don’t go back much earlier than when I was about 6 or 7 years old, and I’ll bet yours don’t either. For young children, Halloween can take on very different meanings. And depending on their temperament and developmental needs, some children in your care might...

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Strengthening Social Skills

“Kindergarten Social Skills Hold Key to Success.” That was the headline for a USA Today article a while ago about a 20-year study published in the American Journal of Public Health which followed more than 750 children. The researchers found that kindergarteners with the highest scores on “social competence” were more likely to graduate high school on time, earn a...

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Fred Rogers’ Approach to STEAM

It seems that most people associate Fred Rogers’ work with social-emotional development, but I think of it more as dealing with the whole child -- or should I say “the whole neighborhood,” including people, nature and things.  In fact, I would often say that Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood offered three basic messages: “helping children feel good about themselves, get along with...

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