The Elements of Good Teaching, in an App

After 27 years teaching kindergarten, Frances Judd is used to noise, so the combination coffee/bike repair shop where we met to talk was no challenge. Judd retired from the classroom recently and now uses her experience as a teacher and toy designer to develop Mrs. Judd’s Games, mobile apps that foster early learning. I interviewed Judd to discuss how she structured her...

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How Teachers Are Using Digital Media with Kindergarteners

Paper, paint, crayons, blocks, yarn, scissors, chalk, buttons, trucks, books, dolls, masks, capes, and puzzles are among the many items you’d find walking into a high-quality early childhood classroom.  These materials provide children with the opportunity to explore and develop their creativity, socials skills, math concepts, a sense of inquiry, and much more. Increasingly, you’d also find digital cameras, touch-screen mobile...

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