Author: Warren Buckleitner

Three Children’s Apps Fred Rogers Might Appreciate

Back in 1968, Fred Rogers started a challenging career in television to “make goodness attractive.” That was back when televisions were the size of washing machines, and you could count the number of children’s television programs on one hand. Although the children’s media landscape has changed dramatically, Fred Rogers’ values have not. In my study of children’s apps, I’ve found that Fred’s...

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Dining with Kids…and Screens

During a dinner date with my wife last week, we observed a startling interaction involving children, their parents, and screens. The restaurant was particularly busy, and a family of four had just been seated nearby. Mom, dad and daughter (a young teen) were immediately glued to their phones, while the youngest -- a boy of about 8 who was probably too...

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Protecting Children From Extreme Screen Violence

Last week, my wife and I were enjoying coffee in our local diner when we spotted a group of four children huddled around their father’s iPhone. A boy, about 8 years old, looked up, intently studying one of the big TV screens over his table, just as one of the commentators rehashed the details of the latest beheading. You could clearly...

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Why the Screen Debate Needs to Happen at App Level

To engage in real debate, critics of screen time need to name the apps they are concerned about, argues Children's Technology Review Editor Warren Buckleitner, a presenter at the 2014 Fred Forward Conference. He names 10 specific research questions about kids and apps. The Great Screen Debate is stuck. Despite the forward thinking of the joint position statement on children and...

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Three Words for Digital-Age Parents: Access, Balance, and Support

Here’s a given about being the parent of a young child—it’s exhausting. Mix in some unknowns like your child’s seemingly unnatural attraction to glowing screens, and it can be bewildering. What’s the right mix of apps and grass stains? Here’s another given. There is no “correct” answer, and you’re probably too busy to read a 15-page research synopsis, like the Fred...

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