Author: Melissa Butler

On the Importance of Slowing Down

On December 1, the Fred Rogers Center hosted a webinar on The Importance of Slowing Down featuring a panel of educators from Educators’ Neighborhood. During the 90-minute conversation, educators shared a wealth of ideas about why slowing down is important for children and for the educator-helpers who work in organizations that support children’s learning and care. Our discussion was anchored in the...

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The Power of “I don’t know.”

One of my favorite songs by Fred Rogers is “Did You Know?” Did you know? Did you know? Did you know that it's all right to wonder? Did you know that it's all right to wonder? There are all kinds of wonderful things! Did you know? Did you know? Did you know that it's all right to marvel? Did you know that it's all right to marvel? There...

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Remote Learning Lessons from Mister Rogers

As schools search for ways to educate children this school year, my heart reminds me to slow down to notice for what’s already here. We have a beautiful example of how to inspire joyful, curious learning through a screen. That example is Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. I study Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood [MRN] and work with teachers in Educators’ Neighborhood. We look to...

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Hope from the Helpers of Educators’ Neighborhood

Our educators of the neighborhood were in full swing in their classrooms in March, ready with next episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood to play, and creative ideas to try out with their students. Then, schools closed. Now, they remain closed. In challenging times, Fred Rogers is often quoted saying something he learned from his mother: “Look for the helpers. There are...

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Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Today: Learning from Educators in the Neighborhood

The 2019-20 school year is in full swing and educators who are part of the Fred Rogers Center’s Educators’ Neighborhood have been selecting and playing episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood for their young students since September. A group of fourteen early childhood (preK-Grade 3) educators from Pittsburgh and across the U.S. have been thinking about how the life and work of...

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When We Trust in Teachers, Teachers Remember to Trust in Themselves

In December 2018, I wrote a piece entitled “Beechwood Kindergarteners Learn With Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” Now five months later, this same group of children continues to watch a new episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood each week, selected by their teachers. Teachers select episodes based on something that has happened in school, something children are discussing or reading about, or because...

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