Author: Hedda Sharapan

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Special Helps Children with COVID-19 Concerns

In difficult times, we always heard from early childhood professionals and parents who appreciated the way Fred helped them talk with young children about their feelings and concerns. So when I heard about the August 17 premiere of a special episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, produced by Fred Rogers Productions in response to COVID-19, I wanted to give you a sneak peek...

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Fred’s Timeless Wisdom for Today’s World

I remember Fred saying, “I can only BEGIN to imagine what you’re going through,” when he heard from somebody about the challenges they were facing. And here I am writing a newsletter, just barely beginning to imagine what you are dealing with in these extraordinary times. With that in mind, I wanted to offer you something for whatever situation you’re...

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A Love of Learning

I’ve always felt good about calling this newsletter “What we can continue to learn from Fred Rogers.“  And it’s been especially heartwarming to hear from so many of our readers that you, too, appreciate learning from the way Fred approached children, families, the world around us, and life in general. I was thinking of that because March 20th would have been Fred’s...

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Open-Ended Questions – “What do you think?”

There’s a real concern that teaching has become “asking a question so you can get the right answer.” But think about how much more you’re “teaching” when you stimulate critical thinking skills by asking questions that require deeper thinking…that don’t have a right or wrong answer…that can’t be answered in a word or two… that help start a conversation. Questions...

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