Author: Emily Uhrin

Thanksgiving: Sharing a Priceless Gift

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most important days of the year for my family. All of my mother’s relatives come over to spend the afternoon and evening with my parents, brother, and me. Every one of my Thanksgivings has been at my parents’ house, and the flow of the day is the same every year. There is a level...

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Happiness: Now Available in a Box?

Advertisements ask us to consider products and services and decide whether we need or want them. But do you ever find yourself evaluating the ad itself? Fred Rogers often sang, “You’ve got to look carefully, listen carefully.” Fred lived that advice, and the stories in the Fred Rogers Archive give us insight into how Fred’s observations of the world informed...

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Beyond the Heart-Shaped Box: Lessons on Love from Fred Rogers

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood exudes love. Viewers have warm feelings about the program, even if they have not seen an episode since they were children. The very first researcher to visit the Fred Rogers Archive, when our building opened in 2008, thought that she would start her search with the subject of love. But then she realized her dilemma. “Wait, I...

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