Author: Brian Puerling

Social Media in Early Childhood Programs

Parent: “What did you do today?” Child: “Nothing.” That’s the classic exchange at dinner tables around the country, much to the exasperation of parents everywhere. But technology is beginning to change that. Teachers are using resources such as Twitter and Facebook to help their students share their learning and achievements with their family and friends, both during the school day and later, at home....

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Tips for Supervising Students on the Digital Playground

As teachers and administrators at Catherine Cook School in Chicago, we are familiar with the playground antics of young children creating games, revising these games, and truly exploring their creativity and developing social skills through imaginative play. But the playground isn’t the only place where kids explore through play, and teachers and parents must begin preparing children for the new...

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How Teachers Are Using Digital Media with Kindergarteners

Paper, paint, crayons, blocks, yarn, scissors, chalk, buttons, trucks, books, dolls, masks, capes, and puzzles are among the many items you’d find walking into a high-quality early childhood classroom.  These materials provide children with the opportunity to explore and develop their creativity, socials skills, math concepts, a sense of inquiry, and much more. Increasingly, you’d also find digital cameras, touch-screen mobile...

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