Author: Alice Wilder

What Do Quality Children’s Apps Look Like?

Over the past few months, we’ve hosted three “Quality Conversations” on this blog. We’ve explored issues to keep in mind when selecting digital media for children, with the goal of advancing the discussion that began in 2012 at the Fred Forward Conference. In each of the three conversations, we showed a video of a child using an app and asked...

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Can Apps Encourage Parents and Kids to Use Media Together?

Whether watching TV, playing games online, or using apps on mom’s iPad, we know that younger children are likely to get more out of a media experience when they play or watch alongside another person. A new survey from Northwestern University finds that family media environment has a big impact on how young children interact with media and on whether...

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How Can Apps Cultivate Creativity in Young Children?

Play is the work of young children. Developmental psychologists tell us that creative play helps children learn to understand themselves and other people, the world and their place in it. And creativity is a skill that’s going to matter even more as today’s young children enter the adult world. Experts say creative thinking is going to be the most important leadership...

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