Staying true to the vision of Fred Rogers, we help children grow as confident, competent, and caring human beings.



The foundation of every child’s healthy development is the power of human connection. Whether we are parents, educators, media creators, or neighbors, each of us has unique and enormous potential to nourish children’s lives with positive interactions.



We recognize the dignity and potential of all children and the powerful impact adults have in their lives.


Whether you are a child or an adult, substance and authenticity still have a place in this world. We develop meaningful programs that emphasize the importance of connecting with children and families.


We know that understanding and compassion are fundamental to children’s healthy social and emotional development.


The Fred Rogers Center enriches the development of current and emerging leaders in the fields of early learning and children’s media by supporting the professional advancement and mentoring of the next generations of Fred Rogers through the Early Career Fellows program; educational opportunities for undergraduate Fred Rogers Scholars; research and special collaborations by Rogers Center Senior Fellows; and resources and information on the developmentally appropriate use of media.


Established in 2003 to carry forward Fred Rogers’ important legacy, the Center is the official home of the Fred Rogers Archive as well as a straightforward, understanding, and compassionate voice for the healthy social and emotional development of children birth to age 8.

An advocate for the positive potential of technology to support children, families, educators, and caregivers, the Rogers Center enjoys many collaborative relationships with educational institutions, research centers, and community organizations.


Fred Rogers knew the inherent value of childhood, and the importance of strengthening all adults caring for children. Our work carries forward three themes that were central to Fred’s life and career. We aspire to help children grow on the insidelearn through relationships, and give meaning to technology.