Senior Program Associate

As Senior Program Associate, Anita supports the efforts of Simple Interactions, Educator’s Neighborhood and other projects at the Center, to continue the legacy of Fred Rogers. Anita has lived a life of service to supporting children and families, including spearheading a grassroots family literacy center in a Latinx community in Fort Myers, FL, managing programs for children with disabilities, supporting adult learners at Literacy Pittsburgh, and running an education and job readiness center for the homeless population in Charleston, WV. Before landing at the Fred Rogers Center, Anita was a Kindergarten teacher at a public school in Central Appalachia with a high proportion of children living in poverty and dealing with significant levels of trauma. Anita holds a BS in Communication Disorders from Penn State and an M.A.T. from Chatham University. At every stop along the road, Anita has always bragged that her hometown, Greensburg, PA, is “just down the road” from where Mr. Rogers grew up.