December 2020

Fred Rogers Center December Newsletter

As we enter this holiday season, we hope that each of you will find ways to express gratitude to those around you - children, family, friends, co-workers, the helpers in our communities, and people who may seem like strangers to you. We all have something to contribute and looking for the ways that others contribute to our well-being is one...

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A Musical Holiday Gift

With the approaching holidays, I’ve been thinking about some of the gifts that Fred has given us over the years. His messages were about things that were important to young children, but they were also important to Fred personally -- appreciating others, connecting with family and friends, and enjoying music. And I remembered a Neighborhood program when those messages came together....

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On the Importance of Slowing Down

On December 1, the Fred Rogers Center hosted a webinar on The Importance of Slowing Down featuring a panel of educators from Educators’ Neighborhood. During the 90-minute conversation, educators shared a wealth of ideas about why slowing down is important for children and for the educator-helpers who work in organizations that support children’s learning and care. Our discussion was anchored in the...

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