Don’t Forget The Fun

In the midst of all we’ve been going through in this pandemic time, I’ve thought about something that Helen Ross, a noted children and family mental health specialist, told Fred. As he was working on Neighborhood scripts which often dealt with serious childhood concerns like feeling jealous, angry or afraid, she reminded him, “Don’t forget the fun.” What great advice for us to think about, especially these days.

Think about the fun you’ve seen in your work with children. Some of it might be quiet fun, like being totally engaged in some activity, delighting in some new materials you’ve offered, or feeling that wonderful sense of satisfaction at having accomplishing something. It’s also fun to sing and dance in a group.  Then there’s the laugh-out-loud kind of fun. I had that kind of a laugh with my sister the other day, and it opened my eyes again to how important that kind of fun is for all of us…..

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