Appreciating the Smallest of Things

This summer I found another message in Fred’s work that can help us in these challenging times. It’s a phrase in one of the stories Fred told about his grandfather: …Every time I was with him, he’d show me something about the world or something about myself that I hadn’t even thought of yet. He’d help me find something wonderful in the smallest of things… 

“… find something wonderful in the smallest of things.”  That’s the phrase I’ve been holding on to through the past few months. It’s reminded me as I walk around the neighborhood to focus on the little things – the little things that are right there, in front of me. At first a cluster of big flowers catch my attention with their burst of color, but when I take the time to look closely, that’s when I notice the little wonders –  tiny white flowers close to the ground, a parade of ants on the sidewalk, an interesting tree root.

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  • Virginia / 4 August 2020 8:09

    Thank you. I needed that reminder today.