From Podcasts To Books To Music, 15 Ways To Dive Deeper Into The ‘Mister Rogers’ Renaissance

As a songwriter and storyteller, theologian and educator, family man and public figure, Fred Rogers should be known for much more than wearing a red cardigan. He earned degrees in music composition (writing more than 200 songs during his life) and in theology (ordained by the Presbyterian Church into children’s television ministry), then studied for years under leading child psychologist Margaret McFarland.  With two films about his life released in the last two years alone, most Americans have some impression of who Rogers was: a public television pioneer who played with puppets, a saint who preached kindness, or a simpleton jibed by Eddie Murphy on “Saturday Night Live.” Last week, Tom Hanks received his first Oscar nomination in 19 years for portraying Rogers, ensuring the recent biopic “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” will be examined deeper. 

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