January 2020

From Podcasts To Books To Music, 15 Ways To Dive Deeper Into The ‘Mister Rogers’ Renaissance

As a songwriter and storyteller, theologian and educator, family man and public figure, Fred Rogers should be known for much more than wearing a red cardigan. He earned degrees in music composition (writing more than 200 songs during his life) and in theology (ordained by the Presbyterian Church into children’s television ministry), then studied for years under leading child psychologist Margaret McFarland. ...

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Open-Ended Questions – “What do you think?”

There’s a real concern that teaching has become “asking a question so you can get the right answer.” But think about how much more you’re “teaching” when you stimulate critical thinking skills by asking questions that require deeper thinking…that don’t have a right or wrong answer…that can’t be answered in a word or two… that help start a conversation. Questions...

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‘A Stunning Day’ Composer On Channeling Spirit Of Fred Rogers’ Tune

When composer Nate Heller was once requested to attain A Stunning Day within the Community, he says he felt “equivalent portions pleasure, pleasure and terror,” figuring out that the song he’d create must get up to the legacy of Fred Rogers.“He was once an especially musical particular person. He wrote the entire unique songs for the display, which his bandleader...

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