November 2019

How ‘A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood’ Recreated Mr. Rogers’ TV Set

Production designer Jade Healy is a master of playing with space to contrast the differences between characters and their environments. In “Marriage Story,” she explored the painful divorce between Scarlett Johansson’s Nicole and Adam Driver’s Charlie by accentuating full and empty spaces in New York and LA. But, with “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” she had a more ambitious...

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She’s Mrs. Rogers. But Joanne Rogers Has ‘Always Been Her Own Person.’

In “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” there is one scene where Mister Rogers’s piano playing is upstaged.Fred Rogers, played by Tom Hanks, is seated at a piano in the living room of his apartment in Pittsburgh, and his wife, Joanne Rogers (played by Maryann Plunkett), is at a separate piano beside him. The couple plays a lively duet, and Mrs. Rogers, her...

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Mr. Rogers’ Real Neighborhood

LATROBE, Pa. — “Welcome to Mr. Rogers’ real neighborhood,” says Mary Lou Townsend as she opens the door to the Latrobe Area Historical Society on a warm fall Friday afternoon. The building, formerly a synagogue, sits on a tree-lined street in the small town with a population of about 8,000, about an hour outside Pittsburgh. Just a few blocks over...

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Educators Continue Mister Rogers’ Legacy Through ‘Simple Interactions’

For teachers to admit to their students they don’t know something can be very uncomfortable. Having that conversation captured on video can leave teachers feeling even more exposed. The school, in this case, was Pittsburgh Allegheny K-5, where Melissa Butler, a kindergarten teacher at the time, was leading a technology project focusing on circuitry. The videotaping of teachers’ lessons was part...

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Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Today: Learning from Educators in the Neighborhood

The 2019-20 school year is in full swing and educators who are part of the Fred Rogers Center’s Educators’ Neighborhood have been selecting and playing episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood for their young students since September. A group of fourteen early childhood (preK-Grade 3) educators from Pittsburgh and across the U.S. have been thinking about how the life and work of...

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