October 2019

Fred Rogers: A Role Model for Today’s Media Mentors

Recently, my third edited book was released featuring essays by 17 international thought leaders from the United States, Australia, Great Britain, Israel, Norway and Scotland. In Exploring Key Issues in Early Childhood and Technology: Evolving Perspectives and Innovative Approaches (Donohue, 2020), the contributing authors share their unique perspectives, innovative approaches and powerful ideas about the role of technology and media...

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“Be-Aware” of Halloween

When I was growing up, I loved dressing up in costumes for Halloween. But my Halloween memories don’t go back much earlier than when I was about 6 or 7 years old, and I’ll bet yours don’t either. For young children, Halloween can take on very different meanings. And depending on their temperament and developmental needs, some children in your care might...

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Saint Vincent College Professor, Wife Team Up to Edit “Mister Rogers and Philosophy: Wondering Through the Neighborhood

LATROBE, PA – Since 2000, Open Court Publishing’s series “Popular Culture and Philosophy” has examined the philosophical elements behind popular movies, television shows, books, artists and more, with its 130-book series including editions on “Seinfeld,” “The Simpsons,” “Harry Potter,” Bruce Springsteen, “Star Wars” and “The Twilight Zone,” among others. Thanks to a member of the Saint Vincent College faculty, the series’...

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