Encouraging Curiosity

Much as I don’t like the cold February weather here in Pittsburgh, one evening I found myself looking at a wintry scene with new eyes, thanks to Fred Rogers. As I was walking to my car in the parking lot, I noticed that the snow was especially beautiful. It was sparkling like diamonds. Normally, I would just keep walking and think how pretty it was. But that evening, inspired by Fred, I found myself going beyond that.

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  • Matthew / 26 February 2019 3:14

    I watched the documentary last night about Fred’s life and story and was very moved. I’ve always been a fan of the show and watched it as a kid of the 80s. I recently started watching the show with my own children and marvel at the wonderful simplicity of it and also just how important his work was.

    I do video production work for a living and am inspired by him to be better and to follow my heart. Thank you Mr.Rogers and to you for keeping his legacy alive.

  • Lynne / 2 April 2019 11:48

    I still have my copy of “Our Small World” which is one of my most important possessions. I was a member of the Tame Tiger Torganization. Those of you as old as me (69+) remember it. I visited the Children’s Corner as a field trip having grown up down the street from WQED. Fred’s legacy impacted my work as a pediatric nurse and later as a mom.
    I taught our pediatric chaplain at the hospital, “Goodnight God” and we would sing it on the unit since this was a faith-based hospital. His work and legacy still part of who I am. I saw the documentary in the theater and remember Johnny Costa and Joe Negri as though they were family members. As an only child, these people always made me smile.
    Thank you all!!!