A Different Kind of Gift

I know this is a busy time of year, and so I thought of a different way of sharing Fred’s timeless wisdom with you this month. In all the years that I worked with Fred, one of the things I came to appreciate is that he encouraged us to be “mindful” – and that was long before it was a part of our everyday vocabulary. He helped us slow down, be present in the moment and savor it. So I wanted to give you a gift of a video that you can just sit back, watch and enjoy. As I was thinking about what to offer this month, I was thinking about some of the wonderful guests we had over the years.  Memories are so much a part of holiday times. I remembered this video — it’s a delightful visit with the legendary Tony Bennett.

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  • Ellyn / 15 January 2019 2:27

    I finished the biography the good neighbor by Maxwell king & am blessed by it. I feel more special myself as a 78 year old woman, lifelong Christian, because of the values mister Rogers exemplified in his television programs, his writings, & speeches. My children enjoyed the program, particularly my middle son, who just turned 50.

  • Rosalie Mallari / 29 January 2019 6:19

    I watched the movie about his life with my kids and we all shed buckets of tears. I work for a non profit organization here in the Philippines. Currently, our nation is going through a serious legislation about children’s criminal responsibility and it breaks my heart how it divides our people and moreso why many of our leaders view children in a dark manner. I think of Mr. Rogers all the time and how I wish we have a voice for children just like him whom everyone listens and looks up to.