Fred Rogers’ Family Keeps the Legacy of ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ Alive with a Candid New Documentary

In the 15 years since her husband’s death, Joanne Rogers has figured out a way to make do on her own. For a good while, she continued to play music — she was a professional concert duo-pianist — but had to give it up when the arthritis in her hands “got mad.” But she still loves classical music, and relishes her visits to Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. And she reads a lot; her most recent favorite was Amor Towles’ novel “A Gentleman in Moscow.” (“It’s charming. You should Google that if you’re interested.”) Of course, she still misses the man behind “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.”

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  • Sylvia / 1 July 2018 1:52

    I just had the pleasure of seeing this documentary. It was a wonderful tribute and insight into the driving force behind the man. I admit it made me cry. When asked why I was crying all I could say through my tears was…Mr Rogers was my friend. Thank you for making this movie, as someone who was touched by his life’s work and has a heart for young children.

  • Penny / 9 July 2018 2:06

    Oh my goodness, I just saw the documentary and was deeply touched, it stirred my soul, and had a profound impact. The production team of this documentary developed a wonderful tribute to Mr. Rogers. I think everyone should see this documentary. Well Done!

  • Stephen / 22 July 2018 3:02

    I just saw the documentary and was deeply touched. Fred Rogers was human and I appreciated the film showing his frailties as well as his wondeful repoire with children. I just loved seeing children interact with him. They seemed to feel SO loved. The child in any one will respond to this wonderful film!

  • Larry / 2 October 2018 4:55

    I watched the documentary twice this past weekend. I too was very touched by the life of Fred Rogers through this amazing story. As a musician, children’s author and filmmaker I can appreciate all the love and talents that went into this production. The most powerful part of the documentary for me were the candid 8mm clips of Fred and the faces of all the interviewees at the end when asked who has helped and influenced them most in life. This brought tears to my eyes. I too like many of them thought of my Mother who is now in Heaven. God bless all of you at the Fred Rogers Center for keeping the story alive.

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