Here Are 5 Things You Might Not Know About Mister Rogers

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  • Barbara / 20 June 2018 1:09

    My sister and I went to see the movie today in St Louis Missouri. It is by far one of the best movies I have ever seen. It was a wonderful experience to learn more about Mr Rogers in the love, care and attention he put into his productions. I have fond memories of watching him as a young girl. Thank you Mr. Rogers And your family for making our world a better place!

  • Steph / 26 June 2018 7:29

    Fred Rogers was a remarkable human being who continues to touch lives in a loving and positive way even now! Thank you Mr. Rogers, for being my neighbor!

  • Patricia / 2 July 2018 3:27

    My neighbor Nancy and I just sat the Mister Rogers movie. We both just loved it. The world needs more men like Fred Rogers. I have a nephew Mason 8 months old tomorrow and I will try my best to let him know he is a special boy every time I see him and tell him as many of the messages Mr. Rogers was trying to tell all of us. We all need to affirm that love does conquer evil.

  • Judy Holman / 9 July 2018 2:38

    We raised our daughters (now age 41 & 45) with Fred Rogers.
    I have collected memorabilia & he was such an impact on our lives. We all love everything he stood for and his philosophies.
    The world surely needs him now.

  • Ken / 13 July 2018 5:31

    I saw the movie last night and I thought this was one of the best movies. I grew up watching Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and sang the opening song. In this world, we need more people out there to teach our children the right way of growing up.

  • Kathy / 14 July 2018 7:59

    My husband and I saw the documentary today. Thank God he had a hanky because tears of joy, appreciation and love overflowed. What an inspirational teacher, a trusted servant who carried God’s message. And 143 will be my new sign off and reminder of our primary purpose. God bless the family, friends, and puppets who made the world a special place “just the way they are!”

  • Candy / 18 July 2018 3:44

    I was born 9 days before the first episode of Mr . Rogers Neighborhood, in Pittsburgh PA. I grew up watching him, literally, in his neighborhood. I now work in the profession of early childhood education and hope that I can pass the lessons he taught me to future generations.

  • Vikki / 19 July 2018 2:13

    Thank you for this documentary. Wonderful, moving, invigorating. Thank you!

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