May 2018

Here Are 5 Things You Might Not Know About Mister Rogers

"Won't you be my neighbor?" For 912 episodes, Fred Rogers asked this question of his young viewers — and for the entire run of "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood," our answer was a resounding, "Yes!" For generations of kids, Rogers was a model of friendliness, kindness and the importance of being earnest. His soothing voice, zip-up cardigan and sneakers made him approachable and welcome...

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Reflecting Light on Shadows

Ever since I started presenting workshops on Fred’s approach to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math), I’ve kept my ears open for stories of children’s questions about the world around them -- and for the way their teachers respond. So I was especially delighted with what I heard when I was observing my scientist friend Elaine offer her...

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Fred Rogers, Our Friend and Neighbor

It's been 50 years since "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" first went on the air – a television program for young children that treated them with respect, and helped them understand a complicated, often challenging world. Faith Salie looks back on the exceptional Fred Rogers, talking with his family and collaborators, and with filmmaker Morgan Neville, director of a new documentary, "Won't...

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Bill on the Road: How to Find Mr. Rogers

Fred Rogers became a household name for his popular children’s television program which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018.  And while Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood left the PBS airwaves in 2001, generations of viewers still have fond memories of the soft spoken, kind, and thoughtful television “neighbor”.   A documentary and a feature film, both based on his life, are set to...

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