Getting to Know You

A teacher once told me that September has always been a challenging month for her. It’s a few weeks into the beginning of the school year, and she’s just starting to get to know the children and their families, and they’re starting to get to know her. She told me that while she’s excited to work with her new group of children, now and then she sometimes starts to feel sad, a little impatient or a bit irritable. It took her a while to realize where those difficult feelings are coming from — she’s missing last year’s children.

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  • Michael / 30 October 2017 6:02

    Hedda, this newsletter really spoke to me—especially the video you chose. As someone who writes songs to help children deal with their feelings, I’ve tried to adopt Fred Rogers’ simple, honest approach as my own.

    Thank you for sharing your insights about remembering that none of us is perfect—not the students and not the teachers.

    That’s all, baby 1,2,3!