December 2016

Staying Connected December 2016

I received a holiday card the other day that said “From our family to yours, we wish you … joy!” At first I was taken by the image on the card which was very funny; the person who created the card is a brilliant artist. But then I was struck by “we wish you joy.”  That small three letter word conveys...

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I Wish You Gifts of Time

I have always been an overly excited gift giver, taking my time to choose just the right gift. I remember when I was a young child, I’d ask my grandmother (affectionately named Mim by her six grandchildren) what she wanted for Christmas. She always gave me the same answer: “Honey, all I want is your time.” Of everything in the...

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A Musical Holiday Gift

With the approaching holidays, I’ve been thinking about some of the gifts that Fred has given us over the years. His messages were about things that were important to young children, but they were also important to Fred personally -- appreciating others, connecting with family and friends, and enjoying music. And I remembered a Neighborhood program when those messages came...

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Happiness: Now Available in a Box?

Advertisements ask us to consider products and services and decide whether we need or want them. But do you ever find yourself evaluating the ad itself? Fred Rogers often sang, “You’ve got to look carefully, listen carefully.” Fred lived that advice, and the stories in the Fred Rogers Archive give us insight into how Fred’s observations of the world informed...

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Fred Rogers Statue Unveiled in Latrobe

With tears in her eyes, Nancy Rogers Crozier hugged the newly-unveiled statue of her late brother and proudly proclaimed that he was home. “It really is my brother,” Crozier told more than 100 people who watched Saturday in downtown Latrobe as she sat next to the lifelike bronze statue of Fred McFeely Rogers. “It's really thrilling,” she said minutes later. “The little...

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