April 2016

Staying Connected April 2016

Spring has finally arrived in Latrobe, which puts a smile on my face and at the same time makes me realize how quickly the year is moving. Our Simple Interactions initiative is continuing to expand through collaborations with the Child Life Department at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh as well as Allies for Children, who is working with the city of...

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Legacies of Caring: Fred Rogers & Rachel Carson

Spring is here at the Fred Rogers Center, and we are so thankful it is not silent. Birds outside our office windows hunt for worms while dandelions pop up everywhere. The Center itself was built with the environment in mind. From our geothermal heating and cooling system, to our energy-efficient lights, we are dedicated to preserving natural resources and being...

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Slowing Down

Whenever I show video clips from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood at a professional development workshop, I often ask, “What messages did you hear in it?” Usually teachers talk about “what” Fred said or did. But recently a teacher talked about “how” Fred said and did things. What struck her was his slow pace, how comforting and comfortable it was -- and how...

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Celebrating Month of the Young Child in Pittsburgh & Beyond

“This April Pittsburgh will celebrate our most valuable resource…children. There are many ways to celebrate. I trust you’ll find your own.” –Fred Rogers In March of 1978, Fred Rogers spoke these words in a public service announcement for KDKA, a Pittsburgh-based television station, to promote Month of the Young Child. Fast forward 38 years and Pittsburgh has transformed itself into KidsBurgh,...

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