A Tribute to Fred Rogers–and You

March 20 would be Fred Rogers’ 88th birthday, and I wanted to celebrate his life by sharing with you the tribute video that PBS produced shortly after his death in 2003.

As I listened to the words “Feels Like Home to Me” on the song they chose, I thought about how much we all have learned from Fred about the simple, everyday, ordinary things that make a place “feel like home” — warm and welcoming, safe and secure.

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  • Albert / 21 September 2018 12:55

    Fred Rogers was a great educational experience for me growing up. I always made sure I woke up early enough to not miss his great show! The world needs someone like Mr. Rogers again showing children good wholesome life lessons the old fashioned way. Thank you Fred Rogers for being a very influencial and important part of my childhood. You will never be forgotten.