February 2016

Staying Connected February 2016

There has been much talk lately about the issue of the digital divide and equity. Recently, The New York Times published an article,  Bridging a Digital Divide That Leaves Schoolchildren Behind, about how some school children are being left behind due to their lack of access to internet at home, which is needed to complete assignments. Kids are forced to stand outside...

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Beyond the Heart-Shaped Box: Lessons on Love from Fred Rogers

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood exudes love. Viewers have warm feelings about the program, even if they have not seen an episode since they were children. The very first researcher to visit the Fred Rogers Archive, when our building opened in 2008, thought that she would start her search with the subject of love. But then she realized her dilemma. “Wait, I...

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Librarians: The Visionaries and Appreciators in Our Neighborhoods

As a young child, Fred frequently visited the Latrobe library to find interesting books and to see Aunt Sara. Aunt Sara was the librarian. Every child who visited called librarian Sara McComb “Aunt Sara” because she knew and appreciated everyone who came in. Libraries were important to Fred, and they continue to be great partners to the Fred Rogers Center....

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