The Power of Puppet Play–It’s Not Just Make-Believe

When most people think of Fred Rogers’ puppets, they think about his Neighborhood of Make-Believe stories. But there’s another way he used puppets–a way that can help us learn about children’s thoughts, feelings and concerns.

Fred was always enamored with puppets, so when he was a graduate student in Child Development, they were a natural tool for him to use with small groups of children. He saw how readily children identify with puppets, so they’re more open to learning social-emotional skills from them. That’s why many teachers use puppet stories, much like Fred did with the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

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  • Vivi / 17 April 2018 6:24

    How old was Fred Mcfeely Rogers when he learned puppetry?

  • Karen Struble Myers / 15 November 2018 6:03

    He started making puppets and giving puppet shows as a child.