Strengthening Social Skills

“Kindergarten Social Skills Hold Key to Success.” That was the headline for a recent
USA Today article about a 20-year study published in the American Journal of Public Health which followed more than 750 children. The researchers found that kindergarteners with the highest scores on “social competence” were more likely to graduate high school on time, earn a college degree and hold full-time jobs.

Think about all the time and energy you spend helping infants, toddlers, or preschoolers develop social skills. You’re building the foundation for their future success in school and in life!

What is “social competence”? It’s not just about getting along with others. It’s more about being able to deal with the tough times in relationships, which could include conflicts, frustration, jealousy and disappointment. Working on relationships involves skills like problem solving, self-control, self-regulation, communication, and seeing things from another perspective. Those are the very same “tools” that help children learn the academics.

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  • Raquel / 23 September 2015 6:28

    Awesome article!

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