Helping Kids “Get” Science

There’s an intriguing sign at our Pittsburgh airport: “Kids who get science get jobs.”

When you think about it, “getting” science starts way back in the early years. Children are natural scientists. They’re curious. They’re fascinated by things in the world around them. And you have many ways to support their interest in the sciences — through the activities you offer, the materials you supply, and most importantly through your conversations and your questions. Sometimes it just takes a word or two.

Fred had a deep interest in the arts, but he also felt it was important to give his young viewers a rich appreciation for the sciences and the connections between them. Remember the factory videos? They were full of STEM concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). All through the Neighborhood series he introduced children to people in a wide variety of STEM fields, including construction workers, a plumber and a paleontologist.

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  • Raquel / 18 September 2015 5:35