Fred Rogers Center Early Career Fellow Creates App

LATROBE, PA – The Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media at Saint Vincent College has launched ChromaKids, a new free iPad app for children and families to nurture children’s ability to connect and develop relationships through a visual arts activity. This app was designed through the Fred Rogers Center Early Career Fellows program.

Brian Puerling, the Early Career Fellow creator of ChromaKids, is director of education technology at Catherine Cook School in Chicago.

Drawing on his experience as an educator, the app allows children 3 to 8 years old to co-create stories and illustrations with an adult, accompanied by an audio narrative. The children can send their creations to friends, who can add to the drawings and return them, sharing in the creative experience together. ChromaKids enables children to express what they are learning and thinking about, and can help children and adults who are far away from each other to stay in contact through storytelling and art.

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