May 2015

You Are (Not) Special

It is the season of commencement speeches again.  From high school auditoriums to college athletic fields, graduates are exhorted to “be all that you can be,” “let what you love be what you do,” “be somebody,” “serve somebody,” and, of course, “change the world.” Last weekend, as I watched my own students march in their caps and gowns, I couldn’t help...

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Staying Connected: May 2015

As you take a deep dive into the Fred Rogers Archive, one thing becomes apparent—the power of human connection was very important to Fred. Fred Rogers Center Co-director Junlei Li, Ph.D., has written about the importance of relationships in the past, and has partnered with organizations in Pittsburgh to create a professional development tool to identify simple interactions and grow them...

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Creativity: Why it’s so important

I just learned something fascinating about creativity. Creativity is a much better predictor of achievement in life than IQ! That's come out of the follow-up research of thousands of children who have taken the Torrence Creativity Test since 1958.  But research also shows us that since 1984, children's creativity scores have dramatically decreased. That's a major concern. But we in early...

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