March 2015

Fred Rogers Center Names Sharapan PNC Grow Up Great Senior Fellow

LATROBE, PA – Hedda Sharapan, L.H.D., has been named PNC Grow Up Great Senior Fellow at the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media at Saint Vincent College, it was announced by executive director, Rick Fernandes. Sharapan joins the Center to work on a special initiative to analyze audio recordings of conversations between Fred Rogers and the late Dr. Margaret McFarland, an...

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What Would Fred Rogers Do?

“What would Mister Rogers do?” I asked myself, over and over again, as I stared ineptly at a classroom full of unruly eighth graders barely paying attention to anything I was teaching. It was 2003, and the fact I had just received my doctorate in child psychology merely accentuated the irony. It was also the year Fred Rogers passed away. Having...

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Why Our Early Childhood Educators Deserve Better

Yvonne Atkinson knows toddlers. She understands where they’re at developmentally, how to cultivate their listening skills, and when they just need some unstructured playtime. When Kidsburgh asked Pittsburgh families to identify five exceptional early childhood educators, Atkinson—programs manager at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh—came out on top. No surprise, given her 45 years of experience as a beloved teacher. Fred Rogers...

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SVC To Celebrate ‘Fred Fest’ March 16-21

LATROBE, PA – In honor of the 87th anniversary of the late Fred Rogers’ birthday on March 20, Saint Vincent College students and faculty will be celebrating his life with a new series of events called Fred Fest during the week of March 16 to 21 and invite area residents, especially children, to participate. All events and activities are free and open to...

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Staying Connected: March 2015

As we celebrate the birth of Fred Rogers on March 20, it is very easy to understand why people would remember a beloved television icon, but his birthday is also cause to celebrate his devotion to the well-being of children. He was interested in the inner life of the child long before he realized his dream of creating a television program. While Fred was a student...

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