October 2014

Five Freshman Named Fred Rogers Scholars

Saint Vincent College inducted five freshmen as Fred Rogers Scholars at the fourth annual dinner and program hosted by Br. Norman W. Hipps, O.S.B., president, and Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B., chancellor, at the Fred M. Rogers Center Oct. 16. The inductees are Lauren Campbell, a biology major from Hollywood, Maryland; Joshua Centore, abiochemistry major from Cecil; Jennifer Haseleu, an occupational...

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Protecting Children From Extreme Screen Violence

Last week, my wife and I were enjoying coffee in our local diner when we spotted a group of four children huddled around their father’s iPhone. A boy, about 8 years old, looked up, intently studying one of the big TV screens over his table, just as one of the commentators rehashed the details of the latest beheading. You could clearly...

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Staying Connected: October 2014

Greetings from the Fred Rogers Center! We are very excited to update you on our work since our summer hiatus. Autumn is quickly transforming the landscape both outside and inside the Fred Rogers Center. For the first time, classes in the Saint Vincent College Children's Studies Minor will be taught at the Center. As I write this, our former workshop...

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Bringing Technology to the Sandbox

Young children learn best from active engagement with their world and the people in it—through exploration, experience, and discovery. That’s why preschool classrooms have long been filled with water tables and sandboxes. Pouring water through a funnel, building a sand castle, or touching a butterfly wing helps young kids test theories about the physical world. And learning to navigate the...

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