Staying Connected: June 2014

It’s been a very busy time at the Fred Rogers Center, with two large events taking place in a two week period. So I want to start off by thanking our team: Junlei Li, Michael Robb, Karen Struble Myers, Tanya B. Smith, Emily Uhrin, Cindy Scarpo and Theresa Noel. The amount of energy and effort they put into making these events successful was outstanding and I am very grateful.

Our first event was the Fred Rogers Legacy Award honoring Yo-Yo Ma. It was a huge success, and an evening many of our attendees said they will never forget. Yo-Yo Ma’s acceptance of the award was tremendously moving and we cannot thank him enough for all the great work he has done. The second gathering, which took place the following weekend, was the Fred Forward Conference. It was not only our highest attended conference to date (a 30% increase over 2012), but it also had our most diverse audience yet, with researchers, content creators, students, and practitioners joining us. This led to some interesting conversations, debates, and discoveries that really enriched the conference experience. The initial feedback has been positive and I ask those of you who attended to please fill out the questionnaire that you were given to share your thoughts.

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