November 2013

Social Media in Early Childhood Programs

Parent: “What did you do today?” Child: “Nothing.” That’s the classic exchange at dinner tables around the country, much to the exasperation of parents everywhere. But technology is beginning to change that. Teachers are using resources such as Twitter and Facebook to help their students share their learning and achievements with their family and friends, both during the school day and later, at home....

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Fred Rogers Center Executive Director receives SVC “Projektenmacher” Award

LATROBE, PA – Rita Catalano, executive director of the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children‟s Media, was named the third annual winner of Saint Vincent College‟s Projektenmacher Award in recognition of her creative initiatives that, in the spirit of Saint Vincent founder Boniface Wimmer, “have made a valuable difference to the campus community through creativity, imagination and vision.”...

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Study Shows Tech in the Classroom Boosts Math Skills for Youngest Learners

This week my colleagues at Education Development Center and SRI International and I are releasing findings from our Prekindergarten Transmedia Mathematics Study. This research is part of Ready to Learn, a partnership between the US Department of Education, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and PBS. The basic premise of Ready to Learn is that it marshals public media resources in...

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