Fred Rogers Legacy Award

The Fred Rogers Legacy Award recognizes individuals who have made exemplary professional contributions and personal commitments to service that pay forward elements of Fred Rogers’ legacy as a person embodying universal human values, a creative artist, a teacher and model of core principles for early learning and development, an innovator, and an advocate for the dignity and potential of all children. In their work, recipients also demonstrate the mission of the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media, as catalysts for communication, collaboration, and creative change in their fields.


Yo-Yo Ma was named as the first recipient of the Fred Rogers Legacy Award in May 2014 to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the Fred Rogers Center. Through his commitment to education and cultural enrichment, Yo-Yo Ma founded the Silk Road Project to promote the study of cultural, artistic, and intellectual traditions internationally as well as a multidisciplinary educational program for middle school U.S. students.


Like Fred Rogers, Yo-Yo Ma expertly uses the power of popular culture and media to engage “students” of all ages in learning about and through music. In keeping with the life and legacy of Fred Rogers, Yo-Yo Ma has used his many talents to inspire, nurture, and educate, and it is in the spirit of those unique endowments that the Fred Rogers Center was greatly honored to recognize him with the inaugural Fred Rogers Legacy Award.

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