Publications of the Fred Rogers Center provide a fresh analysis on the current state of early learning and children’s media, recommend new solutions, promote collaborative agenda-setting, and aim to inspire positive change.

Publications may be downloaded in pdf format. Print copies may be ordered from the Saint Vincent College Bookstore.

“Research Summary, New America Foundation Roundtable, October 15, 2013”
Prepared by Michael Robb, Ph.D., Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media
March 2014
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“Checklist for Identifying Exemplary Uses of Technology and Interactive Media for Early Learning”
The Pennsylvania Digital Media Literacy Project
February 2014
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“Technology in the Lives of Educators and Early Childhood Programs”
Ellen Wartella, Ph.D., Courtney K. Blackwell, Ed.M., Alexis R. Lauricella, Ph.D., and Michael B. Robb, Ph.D.
October 2013
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“A Framework for Quality in Digital Media for Young Children:
Considerations for Parents, Educators, and Media Creators”

April 2012
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“Key Messages of the NAEYC/Fred Rogers Center Position Statement on Technology and Interactive Media in Early Childhood Programs”
March 2012
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“Technology and Interactive Media as Tools in Early Childhood Programs
Serving Children from Birth through Age 8”

A joint position statement issued by the National Association for the Education of Young Children
and the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media at Saint Vincent College
January 2012
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“Technology in the Lives of Teachers and Classrooms:
Survey of Classroom Teachers and Family Child Care Providers”

Ellen Wartella, Ph.D., Roberta L. Schomburg, Ph.D., Alexis R. Lauricella, Ph.D., MPP,
Michael Robb, Ph.D., and Rachel Flynn, MA
October 2010
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“The Wonder of It All: Fred Rogers and the Story of an Icon”
Margaret Mary Kimmel, Ph.D., and Mark Collins
September 2008
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Symposium Proceedings (Print publication with DVDs)
“Leadership in Early Childhood Professional Development:
Challenges and Promising Agendas for Integrating Technology and Children’s Media”

Roberta L. Schomburg, Ph.D., and Ariane Burke, M.Ed.
May 2008
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Issues Paper
“Young Children and Media:
A Snapshot of Public Interest, Public Concerns, and Children’s Media Organizations”

Ellen A. Wartella, Ph.D., and Katharine E. Heintz, Ph.D.
September 2007
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Briefing Monograph
“Early Learning Leadership:
Challenges and Opportunities for Applications of Technology and Media-based Content”

Roberta L. Schomburg, Ph.D., Milton Chen, Ph.D., Pamela Johnson, Ph.D., and Ellen Wartella, Ph.D., Editors
June 2007
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Briefing Monograph
“Children and Media:  Emerging Issues and New Agendas”
Everette E. Dennis, Ph.D., and Ellen A. Wartella, Ph.D., Editors
December 2006
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