The Role of Relationships in Children’s Use of Technology

Technology and digital media are an integral part of many adults’ lives, and the same is true for many children today. Not long ago, the conversation about digital media and early childhood learning focused on whether or not these new technologies should be part of early childhood education, at home or at school. But in recent years, the conversation has...

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35mm color film negative; folder 02-05, neg sleeve 125053-3C30, neg 32; Life Magazine shoot: Dominoes. Close-up of Fred Rogers' sneakers behind a collapsed domino design of a rainbow on the set of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Creation Station

I recently talked with a teacher who was excited about a new learning center that she set up for the children. She called it the “Creation Station” and stocked it with donations from families of recyclable “stuff,” like boxes, egg cartons, packing material, plastic containers, and paper towel tubes. With the addition of things like tape and markers, all the...

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Fred Rogers Display Update Coincides with Unity Center’s Anniversary

Those who stop at the Greater Latrobe-Laurel Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce's The Neighborhood Visitor and Information Center on Route 30 in Unity will notice that a display dedicated to children's television pioneer Fred Rogers no longer includes one of the trademark red zippered sweaters he wore on “Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.” [q_button type='normal_button' size='medium' text='READ MORE' icon_pack='font_awesome' fa_icon='' fe_icon='' icon_color='' link=''...

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Who Is Talking to Our Children

As with most people and organizations, January starts with a flurry of activities as we strive to achieve our resolutions for the New Year. At the Center, our work has primarily focused on professional development and academics. This year we will begin to take steps to reaching an important audience directly, families. [q_button type='transparent_button' size='medium' text='View the PDF' icon_pack='font_awesome' fa_icon='' fe_icon='' icon_color='' link='/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/January-2017.pdf' target='_self'...

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Tanya Baronti shares information about the Check-Out Tech program.

Check-Out Tech Lending Kits Bring Technology to More Classrooms

One of the Fred Rogers Center’s initiatives – Digital Media and Learning – recognizes the presence and influence of digital media and technology in the daily lives of children, families, and educators. We know that when technology tools are used effectively, they can enhance children’s cognitive and social abilities. They can also allow children to explore experiences outside of their...

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Happy Friday 13th!

This newsletter is going out on Friday the 13th, a date that somehow became known as an “unlucky” day.  But in our Neighborhood, it was always a “lucky” day…a “happy” day…because it was the day we celebrated the birthday of the puppet King Friday XIII! [q_button type='transparent_button' size='medium' text='View the PDF' icon_pack='font_awesome' fa_icon='' fe_icon='' icon_color='' link='/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/January-2017.pdf' target='_self' color='' hover_color='' background_color='' hover_background_color='' border_color=''...

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